Movie Review | ‘Kita Kita’

I liked it. I would recommend it to my friends. But, I wouldn’t watch it again.

Lea: “Matangos ang ilong mo… may bigote ka. Feeling ko ang pogi pogi mo!”
Tonyo: “Bulag ka nga.”

After seeing the trailer long ago, I found it cute, yet it didn’t go to my personal list of movies to watch out for this year. Why?

  • I am shamelessly one of those women who like leading men to be good-looking. Dapat type ko.
  • I knew Empoy can do comedy, but I doubted he can do romance. With Alessandra De Rossi, really?
  • The trailer I saw gave me the impression it is just another true love drama between a blind woman and a guy who sticks with her.

Until my professor friend asked us to watch with her this Friday, July 21.

The script

I was excited to see it. Although I didn’t have any expectation in terms of hugot lines unlike when I watched Camp Sawi. Maybe because of the positive reviews, or simply bliss of uncertainty. I also like Alessandra so much, given that she has played every role she’s ever in really well.

There’s nothing special about the first few scenes, as well as the lead character. She introduces herself, what her life is like, and that she has lived in Japan long enough that she’s almost a local. Alessandra was a natural – she bagan throwing off funny lines and suddenly, all of us in the cinema were laughing. Until she started isinuating the first conflict in the story, which was typical. BUT, the script is good – it’s honest, witty, and really funny, not trying hard to be.

I really liked the confrontation scene where Lea didn’t even have to open her mouth. That part convinced me the movie was worth my money and I’m up for another hour or two.

Funny, indeed

I won’t be a spoiler and tell you the next scenes. But, 30 minutes after the film rolled, all of us in Gateway Cineplex were awake, all-eyes on the screen, and laughing out loud. It’s been so long since I’ve laughed that hard in a movie house. While Lea’s (Alessandra) wit got our attention, Tonyo’s (Empoy) talent sustained it effortlessly. It was pure comedy, until it started bringing out the feels.

But, you’ll cry

An hour later, it became dramatic. However, the producers were really good that the mix wasn’t awkward. I liked the flow and the pacing – how it went from being funny, to dramatic, back to funny, then to dramatic again. I guess it’s the honesty of the characters. Genuineness would get me every time.

Tonyo: “Isang beses lang ako nagmahal. Pero yung isang beses na yun ang sumira sakin.”

(Not verbatim. But that part was real hugot for me. He he.)


Alessandra and Empoy were equally excellent in this film. I loved how Lea becomes teary-eyed and I’d find myself about to cry as well. You would feel her pain even though she says nothing at all. Empoy, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air. He may not be the dashing leading man we’re all used to see, yet he is the perfect one for the role. It would have been corny if it wasn’t Empoy.

Messages of the story

  • Promises are pointless because people change
  • No matter how nice you are, life will break you
  • But God appoints friends to help you get by and even enjoy somehow
  • There are many seasons in one’s life – it isn’t short

Again, I would recommend that you watch it, as we don’t always get to see movies with script as good as this. Kudos to Spring Films and thank you for steering clear of the mainstream. My friends say the ending was predictable and I agree. Yet, I don’t mind, as I liked the rest of the movie a lot. Also, for me, it was the proper ending – I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I, however, won’t watch it again because punchlines can only be funny once. The conflict in the story, as well as Alessandra and Empoy’s chemistry, are also not haunting enough.


Review | Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam & Toner, and Whitening Pore Sleeping Pack

Greetings, guys!

Are you visiting South Korea anytime soon? Do you like Innisfree or at least curious about the brand? Are you still in search for a good facial wash, toner, and/or moisturizer?

In this post, I’m going to feature three Innisfree products I got in my trip to South Korea last November 2016.

  1. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam
  2. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner
  3. Innisfree Whitening Pore Sleeping Pack

Innisfree to me

I wasn’t actually a big fan of the Innisfree brand. It was just last year that I got myself an Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder via Beauty MNL. I chose it among the various options, as I know Koreans to have good skin and as makers of the best organic skin care products out there.

(Well, I liked how the mineral powder didn’t cause me any break-out, but I didn’t repurchase due to coverage – just plain white loose powder, and because application is messy, and product is pricey for the size.)

My trip to Myeongdong

Anyway, back to my trip to Korea last year, I got so excited when I saw Innisfree outlets all over the place! I told myself I’d be hoarding before I fly back to Manila. And so, on our second day, we started shopping in Myeongdong and my happy hour began!

Click this to read about my my shopping experience in Myeongdong.

Cleanse, tone, and moisturize

Because I believe that beauty is skin deep, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are more important to me than putting nice make up. So, when I entered the biggest Innisfree store I could find in the area (there were many stores in that street alone!), I began scanning the shelves for a facial foam, toner, and moisturizer.

The three items below were my picks and I’ve been using them for six months now (yes, they lasted that long and I think they’d still do for 3 more months!):

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam

Promise: Purify pores and cleanse dull-looking skin.

Price in Korea: 5,600 KRW (PHP 237.08)

Price in the Philippines: PHP 517.00

My review: Well, being a writer, I fell for Innisfree’s promising words of fighting off sebum with its Jeju Volcanic pore line. Basically, that’s what we need facial foams for – to purify pores and keep us from having dull-looking skin, right? Well, after using this product for 6 months, I can say it lived up to its promise. With just a small amount of foam, my face feels really clean and purified after every wash. Texture is thick and really foamy when applied to wet face.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner

Promise: Enriched with volcanic cluster and green complex from pure Jeju island, this line helps control excessive sebum for soft skin.

Price in Korea: 12,600 KRW (PHP 533.42)

Price in the Philippines: PHP 1,189.00

My review: I couldn’t live without toner ever since I discovered just washing your face is not enough. A toner is supposed to remove excess oil that would lead to sebum build-up in your face, and that’s exactly what this Jeju Volcanic toner does. It has a distinct smell, but not as strong as the toners I’ve tried before. I like how it leaves my skin matte after every use – ideal before applying moisturizer. I’d definitely repurchase even if ordering it online now would cost a lot (should’ve hoarded in Korea)!

Innisfree Whitening Pore Sleeping Pack

Promise: Whitening pore line takes care of your skin tone, dark spots, and skin texture for transparency.

Price in Korea: 12,600 KRW (PHP 533.42)

Price in the Philippines: PHP 1,356.00

My review: After removing all traces of oil in your face, you should close your pores with a good moisturizer. The reason I didn’t get the Jeju Volcanic Pore Lotion is that I fear it wouldn’t give my skin the moisturizing it needs (since the line is supposed to fight off sebum). Well, I could be wrong with that statement, yet I was right for choosing this pore sleeping pack! It looks strange, but smells nice – a bit fruity. This sleeping pack doesn’t leave my skin oily and it, indeed, improved my skin tone and texture, as it lightened dark spots.

I like that Innisfree puts a one liner promise to their products. It helps buyers identify which among the many Innisfree products would solve their skin problem. It can also mean the brand knows each of its products so well, right? The pressure is on them to live up to each promise they’ve put in the label.

I couldn’t think of any cons for all these three products other than the price, as there are a lot of much cheaper options. But as for me, I’d stick to Innisfree products because they are organic, don’t seem harsh to the skin, and effective for my oil problems. After all, you should be investing in good skin products, right? Especially since we are talking about face here!

Brace yourself for the Before and After photos below!


BEFORE (Nov 2016)


AFTER (May 2017)

That’s it, guys. More beauty product reviews coming up. Don’t forget to cleanse, tone, and moisturize every night before you sleep!

Because I Watched It Again: ‘Camp Sawi’ Full Movie

Found myself watching it again (first time was last full show, first day of showing in Megamall) and for some reason liked it more! Twice the crying and laughing… I ended up looking like a crazy person with tissues in my hand, but smiling.

It’s really different when you watch a movie alone. Maybe I didn’t appreciate it as much before, as my companion was a woman whose love life isn’t that dramatic, hehe. So, if you’re a girl who REALLY went through the motions of a breakup… with that person you wanted so much, this movie is for you!

Also, the cinematography was superb! Showcasing the beautiful Bantayan Island in Cebu. I’d definitely go there! Doesn’t matter if friends would join me or I’ll go alone.

I didn’t relate to a particular character, yet all their pain were familiar. I cried a lot! (Especially on that Bella Padilla-Dennis Trillo closure scene huhu!!) What I like the most were the scenes that were supposed to be dramatic, but would make you smile instead. I don’t know… maybe because the script was so real, so raw!
The actresses did a great job of portraying different types of women taking pain on their own terms. I love them all! Despite the diversity, though, the characters were like sisters who respected each other’s pain and hoped for each other’s restoration.

Such a great message, right? A recovery movie with a twist. Watch it!!! 

Yes, I Watched ‘How To Be Single’ Just Now

I saw the trailer last year, heard ‘Worth It’ by Fifth Harmony, and I knew immediately it is my type of movie! It’s just that I just was too absorbed in being in a relationship in 2016. Lol

Shame on me for seeing it just now!!

I love Rebel Wilson. I love Anastasia Steele… I mean, Dakota Johnson. They make the perfect bestfriends! Rebel is crazy and fly, while Dakota looks like a serious, deep, hopeless romantic. They played their roles well – one character to teach the other how to be single.

It was funny. The kind of funny that would make you replay some scenes to laugh at it again and again. The acting was superb. The script was smart and real.. also a bit deep, surprisingly. You wouldn’t know the movie would leave you with some realizations as it ends.

I don’t remember seeing any GOOD coming-of-age movie after ‘Love, Rosie’ until this. It tackled the chaos of being a 20-something struggling to have a good life, love life, and career without being corny.

Well, I know my life right now couldn’t be as wild as those living in New York, but still, I did relate to the characters – that’s why I liked it so much!!

But, did it teach me how to be single? Hmmm. I think it made me realize how I want to be single.

I recommend it to women my age. To the single.. and not so single! Even… I mean, ESPECIALLY to those who want to be single!!