Love, Respect and Trust At 23


A lot of things have happened since mid 2014. Too many epic short stories I failed to document here. Well, I guess that’s how busy I became with my third job as a PR Specialist. It doesn’t bother me though, as I really enjoy what I do now. My concern, however, is that I should never miss out on noting any lesson in this period – when I’m too young to take life too seriously, yet too old to just laugh at it.

I love my job. Before I started, I was faced with two choices: salary + benefits + security, or growth. I chose the latter. I chose what sounds like what I need, what sounds more like Carla Mae. I was then welcomed by uncertainty and inconvenience, but from Day 1, I knew I made the right decision.

My job allows me to meet various personalities, and its flexibility enables me to know people at a deeper level. I also have many millennial colleagues who understand me, especially when life has a revelation thru some joyous but oftentimes, agonizing office situations. They don’t need much explanation – they know how difficult it is to stay professional when all you want to do is turn the table and walk out. They yell and cry with you during breaks when despite the overtime, a higher being doesn’t appreciate your hard work. Most especially, they know how hard it is to stay collected when inside, you’re actually dealing with matters of the heart.

Because that’s how it is in early 20s, right? We still take things personally, straight to our heart first before we remember logic and go back to being professional. Too bad themature’ ones would never understand, or even care. So we’re forced to see it as a weakness. Convinced we’ve got no time for such sensitivity.

One time I was having a deep conversation with a colleague, actually a friend not a mere colleague. I told her about a quote I came across, “If you’d have to choose between love and respect, choose respect.” I agreed and in my defense I said:

“Notice how we go back to loving someone after hating them for quite a long time, but respect and trust, they’re almost impossible to give again after the damage has been done.”

I too was surprised with my own words. But as days go by and I continue meeting and knowing people at a deeper level, it just makes more sense. At this age, it doesn’t take much for others to hurt or disappoint me, yet after making me smile again, I forget and resume on loving them. I, however, don’t think I can trust and grant the same level of respect I had for them before. So, I advise everyone at all times to choose respect and trust over being loved.

But then again, this makes love the only renewable resource.

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