The Measure Of A Great Woman Is How She Deals With These 5 Negative Emotions

Since the beginning of time, the word ’emotional’ has been tagged to women and seldom (if not never) to men. They say we take things personally and overthink an innocent situation until we self-destruct.

We chase drama like a drug, then we get high, wasted and tired. Women are just like that: the more we drown in a sea of emotion, the more we feel alive.

This is written from the perspective of a woman in her early 20’s, with a 65-year-old mom, two decades-older sisters. I’ve also graduated, and been in the corporate world for almost three years now with few, but fierce female professionals. What I really mean is, I’ve seen woman in all her form and I stand firm in my claim: The measure of a great woman is how she deals with negative emotions.

It’s the common factor among women. You feel before you think, but never let the opposite sex or anyone use it against you. Accept it, be self-aware, snap yourself out of “the feels” and walk on the logical road. The greatest women know they have emotions, but never let their emotions take over.

As positive emotions require nothing but joy from any woman, let’s focus on the negative ones, which are the real test. Here are top five negative emotions women battle with every day and which differentiates the greats from the commoners:


Life is unfair, and some people are simply unreasonable. It’s a fact you probably wouldn’t realize until you accept that not everyone is your friend.It’s easy to hate when someone does you wrong, but when it happens, remember you have the option to let go. Instead of hating and stressing yourself out, let go of the negative emotion and remind yourself that hate won’t change anything or anyone. Love can, so love yourself and move on.


Expectations are inevitable, especially if you’ve invested all you’ve got into a venture, plan or relationship. You’ve given your all, but then suddenly things don’t turn out the way they should.

People betray you and efforts go to waste. In these situations, a great woman gets hurt and feels pain, but is able to acknowledge the sweetness of second chance and the promise of a new day to start over.


Women experience jealousy more than men because unlike most of them, you know exactly what you want regardless how young you are. So when another woman gets the very thing you’re working for – material possession, beauty, career or guy – it would hurt like hell. Jealousy wouldn’t belong in the 7 deadly sins if not for a reason. However, if you’re a great woman, you’ll try to be happy for the object of your jealousy, knowing your time and reward will come.


Nobody’s perfect and every woman does something unbecoming once in a while. Every day, you may feel guilty because of lying out of selfishness, or being unfair and causing harm to others. Guilt is a thief of the night, literally, as it robs you off precious times of sleep. Great women deal with it by breaking down for a while and then apologizing to the aggravated party. If possible, as often it is, they don’t let the sun down with guilt in their heart.


This is probably the most addictive of all negative emotions. Everyone just love playing victims in difficult situations, as it calls for sympathy and appreciation. How pathetic. Great women, when something bad happens to them, don’t act as losers and instead own up to their mistakes. They know so well that self-pity is born out of selfishness, it won’t bring them anywhere, and facing unfairness and problems head on leads to maturity.

Great women deal with difficulties and drama like a winner, consistently. They never accept defeat by overwhelming negative emotions. For a while they only break, never back down. So ladies, accept that you can’t control everything in life, but you can win everyday by being in control of your emotions.

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