B-day Blog: 10 Things I’d Want To Do Tomorrow

Two hours before my 24th and I don’t have anything to do but wait – for greetings, for someone to confirm going to Vikings with me tomorrow, or a heavenly suprise maybe.

It’s the first time in a long time I’m not going to work on my day. Not treating friends, not seeing anyone except my family. But it’s totally fine – at least I get to reflect and taste every minute of it.

If I were to have my way (no restrictions), however, here are 10 things I would do:

1. Buy myself the biggest crab I could find. Has to be bigger than my face. Eat it for breakfast for an hour and a half.
2.  Claim my celebrant promo in Vikings for lunch with Ate Thess.
3. Make my dad cry with my outstanding driving skills. Lol.
4. Buy my mom a bag that’s really nice she wont put too much stuff in it on Sunday.
5. Go to a classy spa and salon with Jorzell, Eudi, Shawie and Jeri so we can catch up.
6. Have my problematic iPad replaced and upgraded by Smart to the latest model surprisingly.
7. Win a trip to Korea or Japan for 10. Go with Ate Len and Kuya Mon plus 7 more. Dogs allowed.
8. Have a good 30-minute swim and be surprised to lose my leg fats instantly.
9. Walk along Lilac St. for dinner with someone out of reach. Eat and laugh, and koala-hug.
10. Hear God’s audible voice, “Happy birthday.” Scrap all 9 if I could have this.

I still don’t feel like an adult. I don’t have a good career yet. I haven’t achieved half of what I dreamed for this age. I still cry over disappointments, question God every time and regret it after.

But at least, I’m sure I’m at the right track.

I’m not lost and I have peace. If there is one thing I’ve learned (the hard way) this year, it’s that God’s timing is different from mine and it shall prevail. I can never be perfect, but He is, and He is walking me through this life His way.

Thank you Lord for all the experiences my 23 year-old self had. It’s been rough, but You know I wouldn’t learn any other way. I submit to your dreams for me.

Happy birthday, Carla Mae. Still a long way to go to be a queen, babe.

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