No Regrets, No Questions: Absolute 2015

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Nineย hours to savor 2015 – to meditate on the things and relationships we lost, blessings gained, and lessons learned. I am saying goodbye to this year with thankfulness and appreciation of how God has taught me absolute surrender.

I’ve learned how to let go of not just a person, a hurt, but of everything about yesterday and all the days before it. I now live one day at a time – in the present – without even the slightest anxiety about the future. Because I know He’s got it all figured out, He wants me to prosper, and that everything will work out for my good as I abide in Him.

The good experiences and memories made me grateful. The bad, stronger and dependent on God. It’s all about the positive transformations that happened in me – ridding of the wrong attitudes and building of my faith while waiting. In the end, it all made sense. That’s absolute victory in His name!

So it doesn’t matter how the situation looks like right now, or if it seems 2015 is not ending happily for you. God is faithful and He always answers prayers. The delivery of his promises are sometimes delayed due to divine reasons and timing. He also says ‘no’, for He gives what you need, not what you want. You know that already, right? That’s how you trust God – with absolute zero doubt.

On another note, He may have also kept you hanging (positively), waiting and hoping like me. Did He grant some of your requests in the last months of this year? Are there people He placed in your life whose roles you haven’t fully discovered yet? Nothing to worry about if you’ve prayed about this new thing or person and handed it over to God prior to getting attached and committed. Embrace and enjoy absolute excitement!

As C.S. Lewis puts it, “Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.”

Let’s enjoy the gift of a clean slate. Happy New Year to us all!


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