Review | Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

I wanted to see this movie when I learned the lead female character is a writer. Even more when I figured, it was a problematic love story with an older guy. I was yearning for hugots, like when I was so eager to see ‘Camp Sawi’ last August.

Expecting myself to cry all throughout the movie, I prepared enough tissues for me and my friend. She helped me asked for them when we ordered pizza and milk tea. Lol.

I don’t want to be a movie spoiler, so I won’t get into details and discuss the scenes. But, they are so few, you can count them on your fingers (okay, including your feet). I realized I’m not a fan of slow transitions.

However, I liked that it comes from the perspective of a guy. I’ve always wanted to understand what they think of relationships and how do they deal if it didn’t work. Especially that Sam (lead male) in this story isn’t a playboy, but the type that falls hard and is upright, being a professor.

This makes the movie a direct opposite of ‘Camp Sawi’, which is all about emotional women. What gave me the feels in this film are the background songs. Just that.

I’d say, maybe you’ll like it if you’re a guy, a fan of art films, or a professor in love with his student. But, if you’re a 25-year old woman like me who’s going through the motions of a breakup and is looking for a movie that ‘understands,’ this isn’t it.

I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 because the ending isn’t mainstream and it made clear that some people are just not meant to be. 

(But why would fate reward you with a chance and make you two meant to be if you didn’t fight for it, right? Maybe you didn’t really love the person. Maybe you’re looking for something else.. or someone else. Maybe you’re just lazy, so you use “It didn’t work” as an excuse. Boom.)

There you go. Bye.

2 thoughts on “Review | Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

  1. The fact that you said that Sam was a professor, that’s already a major spoiler there. Haha! I just watched the movie and I was on Google looking for reviews and everything you said here is exactly how I feel right now. I, too, am not a fan of slow transitions, but I totally get the point of it. I guess the director wanted the audience to understand the characters in realtime and not relying on cuts. What I felt lacked was details and execution. What I liked was the soundtrack and honesty. Is it relatable for me? Definitely not.

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