Review | The Unmarried Wife

“He didn’t hurt you because he didn’t love you, he hurt you because he is weak. And when men are weak, we women have to be stronger.”Β 

Haven’t seen a Filipino movie this good for a long time. Real characters & situations, EXCELLENT SCRIPT, and great acting. Hugot lines and feels all throughout. Forever an Angelica-Dingdong tandem fan. Still Dingdong over Paulo for me, lols!


Published by

Carla Mae Macaraeg

I'm Carla Mae. I'm a Christian. At 26, I've been to five jobs - started off as a Copywriter, then a Marketing Specialist, until I got into Public Relations. Now, I'm in Sales and I'm having a blast suprisingly! I thrive at work, yet suck at love (LOL). So, I travel, blog, shop, review movies and make-up in my free time - celebrating life as The Millennial Pinay.

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