One Grateful Saturday | Birthday Celeb at The Wholesome Table, Estancia Mall, Pasig City

How often do you wake up on a Saturday morning with so much thankfulness in the heart?

I did today.

Maybe because of Facebook’s ‘2016 Year In Review’ video.


Thanks to Facebook. I believe my existence is validated not by the Likes I get, but by the reality that I do have a lot of friends. Those I saw on the video are truly the people I have been closest to this year. True friends indeed.

And yeah, I believe it’s not about how many you have, but how true are those you have. Yet, when life gives you more than enough, it is undeniably a bonus, right? More than enough to make you kilig inside.

Maybe my great awakening was also an after-effect of the awesome team dinner we had last night at The Wholesome Table in Estancia Mall, Pasig City. Was actually an early Christmas celebration of the Public Relations team and my birthday last week.

The Wholesome Table, Estancia Mall, Pasig City


The beautiful Bianca Araneta owns The Wholesome Table. Here is the menu.

Of course my boss will pay, so me and my colleagues ordered to our hearts content. I actually wanted to order short ribs, but it is valued at 1,100 PHP (too much!), so I turned to seafood pasta that never fails!

Gambaretti Arrabiatta pasta
So yummy this Calabrese woodfired pizza! Lotsa onions.


All these, plus a glass of Casa Rojo Sexy Chardonnay! After some time, we also got a slice of cheesecake, gluten-free brownie, and a cup of Capuccino Espresso.

I was in the middle of stuffing my mouth with Gambaretti Arriabiatta pasta when the staff started singing ‘Happy birthday!!’ with my team!

I was so delighted that I couldn’t smile properly in the photos, hehe! Along with the surprise singing is a super cute cupcake and a red Aldo wallet! I love iiiiiiiit!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
My birthday cupcake! Thanks to the PR team.

Ending my post here to live out the rest of this day! I love you, Lord. I love you guys! Happy  and blessed weekend to us all.

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