In My 199 PHP Masquerade Party Dress

I was actually all-set to miss our company Christmas party because 1) SMX is too far; 2) I voted for futuristic as theme, not masquerade; 3) and my coughing is worsening, until Ruby plead for me to come with her.

Our boss required her to attend because she’ll be awarded ‘Most Valuable Employee 2016.’ Wow, right.

Good thing, I bought a green Karimadon Tinkerbell cocktail dress last weekend that’s on sale for only 199 PHP. Just in case I won’t have a choice but to attend – I knew it!

Did my usual make up routine, but put some Maybelline liquid powder before anything else to cover up impurities. I also put lip tint before lipstick.

Shoes courtesy of Rusty Lopez. Wore the pair once in February when my friend got me as a Bridesmaid. This costs a little over 500 PHP, if I’m not mistaken.

Here are more photos with Ruby, who drove a Pajero to Pasay while singing and taking photos with me!

At last we arrived at the venue!

Happy year end and Merry Christmas, Home Credit Philippines!!

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