Brazilian Wax | Lay Bare, SM Marikina

It’s 3:30 PM and Resident Evil is about to end in Cinema 2. I decided to take the Alaxan FR capsule that has been in my pocket for 3 hours now. I read online it’s best to take the pain killer 30 mins before going for a Brazilian wax.

It’s already my 10th session, I think, but it’s actually my first time to have it in Lay Bare.. and first time to try cold wax. I’m not worried about pain anymore, as my pain tolerance is quite high and Alaxan has got my back. I just wonder if it’s true that cold wax would sting more than hot wax.

I got catered to in about 10 mins although I was 11th on the list. Great. The girl asked me to sign the usual waiver, whether it was my first time, and if it was “mahaba na po ba?” already. Slow I, she had to wait for 10 mins before I get she was asking if my hair down there is lengthy already. Lols.

Unlike Lay Bare in Robinsons Galleria, SM Marikina has nice restroom inside. Razel (attendant) asked me to wash and I was happy to see the area was clean and complete with bidet, tissue, and Lactacyd.

Confidently fresh with a heart, I walked into the room and prepped myself for the main event.



I took these photos while Razel was getting the wax. I liked that they have TV inside, although I think, it would be nicer to see a rom-com movie than Lord Of The Rings in a waxing salon. Told ate about it and she smile saying, “Opo Ma’am, minsan love story ang palabas.”

Razel began playing with the cold wax like a bubble gum in her hand.

She positioned my legs accordingly. Unlike with hot wax that gets a lot of hair in one go, Brazilian with cold wax is like plucking the strands by groups of 5. I cannot say it’s more painful because Razel is such a pro – she kept on stretching my skin after each pull to my relief.

I guess, pain level is equal for hot and cold brazilian wax – while hot wax pulls a lot of hair in one go (pain level 25% x 1), cold wax has to be applied and pulled repeatedly to and from the same area (5% x 5). Thanks to Alaxan for never letting me down.

I had a short talk with Razel about my love life. Told her I’m single and she said, “Ah, kaya pala nagpa-Brazilian.” That girl. 😒

It was done in less than 20 mins. As I always tell my friends, facial is even more painful than going for a Brazilian. I walked out of the salon like nothing happened after paying 500 PHP and handing over a small tip to Razel for all the times she asked, “Masakit po, Ma’am?” and doing a great job (saw the output in a small mirror she handed to me).

I also got a Frequency card, which you’d get for every 300 PHP worth of service. I’ll get 100 PHP off on my 5th visit, then 200 PHP off on my 10th. Nice strategy – beneficial for both LB and the customers.

Overall, I’d give Lay Bare, SM Marikina, 4.7 stars. It could’ve been 5 if they also provide a disposable panty like Hey Sugar (I’d be willing to pay 550 PHP if they’d do that). But, Brazilian in the latter costs 830 PHP, so Lay Bare is still the winner for me!

I’d definitely come back next month. Thank you, Lay Bare, SM Marikina! Thanks, Razel!

Click here for Lay Bare’s list of services and prices.

2 thoughts on “Brazilian Wax | Lay Bare, SM Marikina

  1. Dear Ms. Carla Mae Macaraeg, Hair free morning! We wanted to let you know how gratifying it was to receive your kind note of support and encouragement. Thank you.

    We have taken the liberty of sharing your kind words with our Lay Bare SM Marikina Branch. Your words were visibly heartening to them.

    They, as much as the management, deeply appreciate your endorsement and promise of future assistance.

    We were delighted and pleased to read your kind words about our staff Ms. Razel. It made us happy to know you feel at home with us. Thank you very much and we hope to serve you even better next time.
    And with regards to your visit at Lay Bare Robinson’s Galleria, we deeply apologize for they experienced a problem in their comfort room due to their grease trap right after the branch’s renovation that time but rest assured that everything is in smooth condition.
    We deeply appreciate your effort and commendations!

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