Review | Envy Me Salon @ Robinsons Galleria

My hair was so dry, I had to do something.

After inquiring at a number of salons around my work area, I ended up at Envy Me Salon, Robinsons Galleria. The lady told me they have a promo for the Brazilian treatment every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

They also told me they accept credit card (although I paid in cash), which is one good thing for women like me who like paying by schedule. Lols.

I went there after office. Here are some photos to show you how big and nice the salon is for one that offers affordable services:



After examining my hair, they recommended the Brazilian BlowStraight treatment (P1,499, but P2,499 every Thursday to Sunday).

They – 2 women had to work on my big hair – started off by washing my hair.

Then, they applied the chemical. It stings a bit when the hair touches the area around your eyes.

Took a shot of the pricelist for you, guys.

Did I forget showing the wash area?

They had to wait for some time for my hair to absorb the chemical before ironing it. Again, two ladies had to do it.

After that, they washed my hair again and spread the treatment all over it. The lady asked me, “Ma’am, are you comfortable? We need to wait for 5 minutes before washing off the treatment.”

The time passed and my hair was once again ready for rinsing. After that, they blowdried it.

The next photo will be the greatest before-and-after photo you’ll see this week:

I was satisfied and happy with the result that I gave the two Ate’s ย a tip that made them smile!

Envy Me Salon’s Brazilian BlowStraight treatment is good for 2 months, they said. It will straight thick curly hair like mine, but it isn’t permanent like Rebond – perfect for those who don’t like to be among the mainstream rebonded heads, hehe.

What I also like about this treatment is that you can have your hair colored before the process. If only I arrived early, I’d have my hair blondied again.

I recommend this salon and give it 4.5 stars! The place is spacious and neat, and they have nice staff who aren’t noisy & do not cross-sell that hard. You’ll feel they want to deliver good results and not just to finish the job.

I left the salon at exactly 8 PM after coming in at 6:15 PM. The procedure was that quick.

Let’s see how long the ‘good hair days’ are gonna last!

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