Beauty Product Review | It’s Skin 2 PM SPF 50 Sunblock

RIP, my loyal sunblock. You’ve served me well. Thanks for protecting me from the harmful rays of the sun for almost 5 months.

So… I’ve bought this It’s Skin goodie from Myeongdong, Korea in November. It costs 7,000 KRW, equivalent to P 296.35. I believe you can buy it here in the Philippines for around P 400 or more.

I was actually supposed to get a Banana Republic sunblock, if not for my sister. She told me It’s Skin is a premier brand in Singapore and we should take advantage that its sunblock is on sale in Korea. So there, I got one for myself – should’ve gotten 3 if only I knew how good it is!

It’s milky, but not sticky

You’ll get a 50 ml tube for the said price. I like the classy, gold packaging. For the texture, it’s milky and non-sticky. Very light on your face.

I would attest to the truthfulness of this sunblock’s ‘wrinkle care’ and ‘whitening’ promises. Not much wrinkle in my forehead anymore. I also like how it lasted for almost 5 months – great value for money.

12 hours after application

There’s a little shine in my forehead, but overall, my face isn’t oily after 12 hours. Amazing, right? It is for this reason I’m thinking twice about trying out another sunblock.

I’ll give this sunblock 5 stars! Nothing bad to say about it, except that I wish there are more It’s Skin outlets in the country. There is one in SM North EDSA if you wonder where to buy it.

I definitely recommend it. I love you, It’s Skin! But for now, let me try Biore UV Perfect Milk.

3 thoughts on “Beauty Product Review | It’s Skin 2 PM SPF 50 Sunblock

  1. Hello there. Wow, I didn’t know there was an It’s Skin outlet here in the country. Thanks for the heads up. I love their serums and I might try this sunscreen too. Thanks for the review. 💕

      1. Oh, thank you for the info. I like their Vit. C & Whitening serums. Btw, it was so nice you got to visit Myeongdong. It’s the ultimate K-Beauty heaven!💕

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