Movie Review | ‘Meet Me In St. Gallen’

“Siguro tumanda rin ako. Kumalma yung puso.” -Celeste

I’ll be honest. After seeing ‘Last Night’ and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Cruz,’ I’ve lowered my expectations from productions by Spring Films. As much as I can, I only feature movies that I liked here on my site.

Seeing the trailer of ‘Meet Me In St. Gallen,’ I knew right away I was going to ask my friends to see it with me. I like Bella, I like Carlo (since I was 10!), and the story looked fun – by fun I mean not mainstream, with realistic characters, and unpredictable ending.

Instead of spoiling with my reactions to each part, let me discuss 10 truths about love depicted in this movie:

1) Your greatest love comes when you’re not looking for it. That’s why it feels like magic. You didn’t ask for it and you were defenseless. You thought you can live without it and be awesome by yourself. Suddenly though, you feel the other person makes it all better, brighter, and becomes your sunshine, your only sunshine.

2) There is a young type of love. This could be your first love, your first try, first risk, and first real kilig. You had to deal with everything first hand and the only knowledge you have are what you’ve seen in movies and read on print. This is the ideal love, which feels like a gift from the universe. All you know is it makes you smile.


3) And a mature type of course. I can say it truly does come with age. As you grow older, you realize there are more important things than love and decide that you need a partner, not just a lover. This person has to have the same priorities with you or at least willing to modify theirs according to yours. You can count on this love to be smart, but not groundbreaking.

4) Women fall in love with words. Celeste and Jesse met only three times. In their first meeting though, Celeste fell in love with Jesse right away because of the conversations they had. Jesse seemed deep – his idea of life is rooted in his high regard for love, passion, and honesty. It is difficult for women to meet guy, not to mention a good looking one, who would want to discuss those things with them in a coffee shop.


5) Most men don’t understand what ‘cheating’ is. Or they just deny it and find it easy to brush off the guilt. I actually admire those men for this ability. Maybe they think they are good guys because they stay with the same girl. But we all know cheating is entertaining another girl in your life (even if she’s an old friend), making memories with her, and talking to her like the ‘friendship’ doesn’t have to end.

6) It is more difficult to forget for women than men. In the film, Celeste had kept a special place for Jesse in her heart and mind for four years, after spending just one special night with him. The moment, emotions, and everything she liked about the guy lingered. Whereas, Jesse didn’t even try to find Celeste on social media, had a fiance, and claimed to forget their kiss after a while. If they didn’t meet for a second time, Jesse would have forgotten and let go of Celeste for good.


7) Men cannot make decisions right away. When Jesse saw Celeste again after a few years, he couldn’t be firm he would just be Facebook friends with her. He couldn’t decide between being a committed guy and being Celeste’s dream guy. He had to see it first, try it first, feel it first. This is being selfish, as it is saying, “let me do these things, then we will see.”


8) Most people believe in destiny, but at the same time think they’re in control. This is my favorite discussion between the characters. I couldn’t agree more. Especially when it is about matters of the heart when you have to make a choice. You do make one, but wonder “What if I said it?” or “What if I did this?” like you can really figure it out in the actual situation.

9) It could take long for women to forget, but this doesn’t mean they’re waiting for the guy to come back. Men might be thinking otherwise. When a relationship ends, the girl could be thinking of the guy a lot, but deep inside she is embracing the idea that it ended for the best. She is starting to realize he wouldn’t have let her go in the first place if he is the right one. Women don’t wait, just taking their time to be fully fit for the next relationship.

10) In the end, men have more regrets than women. This could be due to their inability to decide right away, thinking they have enough time and that women can wait. Most men think they can undo things or people can adjust to them once they make up their mind. Well, we can blame the women also for the idea that they give more chances to people than they have to. But really, men regret things because they tend to always choose easy, comfortable, and convenient, diregarding the consequences.


My apologies for spoiling! Anyway, you still have to see the movie to see if my points are valid. You have to fall in love with Jesse and admire Celeste the same way I and my friends did. You may find yourself tweeting a lot because of the sensible script and funny exchanges. The characters are real people who make mistakes, right and wrong choices, in attempt to understand how life works.

My Rating: 4.3 out of 5!

4 thoughts on “Movie Review | ‘Meet Me In St. Gallen’

  1. I love this movie then something happened in the end that made me utter an unanswerable question.

  2. Why would any one choose to run away from the person that can make your heart beat and stop at the same time?

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