Travel | Cebu x Bohol 2018

Stress at work and life in general… ultra hot, then a rainy season in Manila — we needed to escape!

Last week, I went to the Queen City of the South with my two bestfriends, Jorzell and Shawie. It was in February when we booked our ticket to Mactan International Airport thru AirAsia for around Php 3,500. For our itinerary, we asked help from Dolotina Travel & Tours.

Itinerary - North Cebu + Bohol

As you see, it wasn’t detailed. In the end, after taking out the accommodation and car going to Mactan Airport, we said yes for Php 30,000 for 4 pax. We booked our own room in the city, Cleverlearn Residences (less than Php 1,500 for 4 pax), for our last night via

Our agency isn’t familiar with North Cebu. You may rely on them if you’re going South or to Bohol for transportation services. My advice? Get a travel agency if you want to skip queuing for tickets and negotiating with the locals for boat transfers. But if you don’t mind, go DIY and save money – vans are everywhere in the ports.

Day 1: Malapascua Island, North Cebu

Got my two-piece bikini at H&M on sale for only Php 550!

Day 2: Bantayan Island

  • Bantayan Nature Park & Resort
  • Virgin Island (we paid Php 800 for the boat)

Day 3: Bohol City Tour

  • Chocolate Hills
  • Loboc Man-made Forest
  • Loboc Floating Restaurant
  • Tarsier

Last Night in Cebu City

  • Food

It was bitin! Will definitely come back.

*Photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8, pixelated ones taken by my friends using iPhone 8. Lol

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