Movie Review | Sid & Aya

“I did not deserve her, but I still had her.”

Sid to Aya


Before watching

I’ve read positive reviews – they overpower the negative ones. This is why I still wanted to see it even if an officemate told me he slept all throughout the entire film. I told myself maybe it’s just because he’s a guy and he couldn’t relate with the ‘black swan’ thing. I really pushed that I watch it after my Cebu trip, as I like Dingdong Dantes and Anne Curtis. I also got curious why it claims not to be a love story.


While watching

It was heavy from the start. Good script. I can relate to what both Sid and Aya do to survive life. The soundtrack also made me feel I’d cry anytime. My favorite scene was when (spoiler alert!) Aya was trying so hard not to cry and responsibly she said, “Alam ko ginagawa ko. Ginusto ko ‘to.”

I hate how men follows a certain logic in relationships. Like, finally proposing to their girlfriend because it’s the next and right thing to do. Good thing, Aya knows how to rebut Sid’s statements. She’s so real, you’d wish you have her straightforwardness and charm. I felt the kilig of being in love – when even the most senseless conversations entertain you.


After watching

I thought, if you find it difficult to move on from a failed relationship, realize that people change. That someone you’re struggling to forget is no longer the person you loved, the same way you aren’t the same person who fell for him or her. But maybe, together you’ll be the same two people, again and again.

That’s all I have to say (and that Dingdong Dantes with long hair is such a concept).

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