Movie Review | ‘Aurora’ (MMFF 2018 Official Entry)

I love thrillers. They give just the right amount of chills that comes with knowing there’s a story behind the scare. You can’t ask me to go see a horror movie with you, but I’ll say yes to a thriller… starring Anne Curtis and an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2018.

So there, I went on with my sister, bro-in-law, and two teenage nephews. We were excited especially because my mom’s cousin did the actors’ make up.


We got in the cinema 2 minutes late. I thought we already missed the part when Aurora sank. It already shows Leana (Anne Curtis) dealing with the mourning families and all the misfortunes brought about by the tragedy. I was trying to focus on the film while eating Pork Kasilog. Hehe

My initial thought (although I love Anne Curtis so much I dyed my hair black after watching BuyBust) was that they could’ve chosen another lead female actress. To begin, Anne doesn’t look like someone who lives at the seaside. It looked wrong. They also could’ve picked a younger baby sister Rita – someone cuter to take on a really annoying role.


So we were already presented the background of the characters, conflict, and the lead’s objective. At this point though, I know I should be excited for the next scenes, but I just wasn’t. I was giving it a chance, until Leana saw an apparition in the waters. I didn’t know what to feel. I turned to my nephew and had to ask for two Japanese siomai to improve the situation.

On the bright side, the flow of the story is good. The events were ordered properly and well-presented. I was trying to explain to myself probably the film was intentionally made plain for the younger audience. Okay then. I continued hoping better scenes are yet to come.

Have I mentioned how I hated Rita? Not the child actress, but the character. Again, she should be younger. As a writer, I thought she’s going to be possessed and be exciting, yet she continued to be annoying. There was a scene (spoiler!) she sleepwalked and it didn’t make sense.

A lot of details in the movie didn’t make sense, actually. It was so confused (the movie, not I). Like bits and pieces were taken from ten other movies. And if you watch Naruto, you’ll think of Akatsuki’s appearance each time there’s an apparition and you hear the inappropriate background music. It’s just so sad.


I couldn’t wait for the movie to end. I’ve already given up. I heard my nephew said, “Ang boring,” and I patted him on the back. I wonder what Anne Curtis feels about the movie and her scenes that looked like clips from Evanescence’s ‘Going Under’ music video. At least the idea made us all laugh.

I support Filipino films. Here in my blog, you’ll see I watch local movies regularly and dedicate a review for each. But this movie is just too sad. Two-hours-of-my-life-I’ll-never-get-back sad. Give-me-my-250-pesos-back sad.

I’m sorry, Direk Yam Laranas. Maybe it was just me… our family. Congratulations for the awards.

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