Review | Elujai Propolis Ampoule: Why Am I Restocking?

Been a long time since my last skin care product feature. For tonight, here’s a review of the very first serum I’ve tried, the cheap yet super hyped Elujai Propolis Ampoule.

I tried searching Google for the meaning of the word ‘Elujai,’ but the results already lead me to sale postings of the product (popular it is!). So, I searched for ‘Propolis’ instead and found “a red or brown resinous substance collected by honeybees from tree buds, used by them to fill crevices and to seal and varnish honeycombs.” Hmm.



Let’s start where, when, and how I got the product. It was in late January when I entered the Empire store in Ayala Mall, Marikina Heights with my best friend. While she was busy looking for a cute top, I went straight to the skin care corner to find a solution for my 27-year old drying skin.

It’s sad you know, seeing your skin become dry when you were just worrying about oiliness at 23. Also, I already see lines at my forehead and eye area – if those aren’t enough to make me feel old yet, huhu. So, when I came across this ampoule, using my phone I researched online again and learned it promises to:

Treat melasma, hyperpigmentation, freckles, dark spots, and pimple marks. Also nourish, moisturize, and heal with propolis. It will help boost elasticity with myrrh oil, soften, smoothen, and brighten.

Impressive, right? After that, I immediately asked the saleslady for the price and was even more impressed when she said 180 pesos. Wow. My next question then is why is there a Samsung logo in the bottle? Almost made me think the product was fake, but online sellers explain it is the updated packaging that proves it passed Samsung’s quality check.

I got one right after I’ve convinced myself to have faith that not every promising thing is too good to be true. Trust issues, haha.


The 15ml bottle wasn’t full when I opened it. The serum is concentrated and it got a light, pleasant, baby powder smell. They said you only need four drops for your entire face, but since I thought it’s cheap and I badly need moisture, I used more. Like a primer. I also put some on my neck.

A month after, I am seeing good results. Dark spots and freckles on my face, indeed, lightened. My skin also feels softer, smoother, and more elastic. And while I haven’t reached that level of moisturized, young again, no-need-for-make-up skin I want, I am convinced I need one more bottle. This time though, I ordered two bottles in Shopee for only 94 pesos each.


So, do I recommend it? Well yes, I’d say give it a try. After all, it’s cheap and based on the smell, I don’t think it has harmful chemicals on the solution. However, I suggest you don’t rely on it solely for moisture – find another product to put on your face after applying Elujai Propolis Ampoule. Do that every night, then use the serum as primer in the morning before applying sunblock.

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