Review | Netflix’s ‘Always Be My Maybe’

Just watched Netflix’s ‘Always Be My Maybe’ minutes ago and I’m still smiling. It was really, really good. Here’s the trailer.

Can’t remember the last time I’ve liked a chick flick this much. The first time I’ve seen the movie’s trailer, I knew right away I would want to see it – that it’s my kind of rom-com. Not because I can relate with having a childhood sweetheart, but because the lead female character is so real.

She’s successful, but not happy with her relationship. In the story, she grew up to be a celebrity chef, yet she kept her quirkiness in High School. Getting a preview of her character in the trailer gave me the impression it would be fun.

(Better see it first before reading this post if you hate spoilers.)

The story in 5 sentences

The main characters are two High School best friends who were better off as friends than sweethearts. Eventually, they grew apart: the girl became a successful celebrity chef in New York while the guy stayed as a normal guy in San Francisco. The girl is really good in embracing change, actively chasing it even, unlike the guy. Before getting married to her equally perfect fiance, they decided to spend 6 months apart to go soul searching. The girl went home to San Francisco, saw the guy once again and for some reason, they’re super awkward with each other.

I liked the trailer because it didn’t overshare. It didn’t have to – the open-endedness would make you want to see it and it was enough to make you love the characters. Exactly what a trailer should do.

And since I want you to watch it first, let me just list down what I liked about this movie:

  • The characters are realistic and funny.
  • Script is good. The writer knows what makes a movie entertaining.
  • All the actors are perfect for the role.
  • No scene is corny and improper.
  • It’s a chick flick for 2019, indeed.
  • The scenes are random, in a good way, making it unpredictable.
  • I had to rewind a lot of scenes and abuse the remote because they are so funny, cute, and appropriate.
  • Sasha (Ali Wong) is super cool and lovable like her character.
  • Randall Park is a perfect match. He isn’t trying hard to be funny.
  • They cast-ed KEANU REEVES. More than the fact that it’s actually John Wick in a rom-com, the way he was inserted into the story is SO GOOD. I played back at his scenes the most. TOO FUNNY.
  • The conflict in the story is common, but isn’t corny. The drama is fitting to the target audience (my age, I believe).
  • I CRIED AT THE PROPOSAL SCENE (*spoiler!!). Marcus’s script is so good. You’ll listen to every line. It’s what all grown-up woman would want to hear.
  • Everything in the story makes sense. Smart.

You’d understand how they fell in love, smile at every inside joke, and root for them to end up together. I am touched and inspired by Sasha’s character and the way she loves. So sure, warm, and mature.

Another spoiler: Marcus sings in the movie and all his songs are well-written and funny. They justified his character as a cool and talented guy without having to include scenes to show that. At the end of the movie, you’ll actually watch and finish the credits because of his song.

That’s all. It’s so cool. I’m in love. Watch it.

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