To The Ones Who’ve Been Laid Off

As we all know, many people have lost their job due to this pandemic. I, personally, have family and friends laid off and sent home to the PH from that first world country I once fell in love with. I feel for you guys— I mean, let’s be honest, it’s a downgrade. Something I pray would never happen to me. But, this is life, it’s unfair and COVID is certainly one of the worst things our generation would ever have to get through.

I write this to you, a professional who lost the security brought about by a stable job. Indeed, it is unfair and you don’t deserve it. And to say it’s scary would be an understatement especially if you’re a breadwinner or have children to feed. I’d like to give you hope. Also, I promise to pray with you for the resolution and strength to endure the inconveniences of starting over.

“Believers grieve with hope… because we know the end of the story.” -Pr Rick Warren

I’ve been working since July 2012 and this is my 6th job. Yes, I’ve been a job hopper and this 21 months in my current company has been my longest commitment ever. God knows how thankful I am to be where I am when this COVID happened. I do Branding for a big BPO as an individual contributor for the land down under. As you see, I’m one of the lucky ones and I feel I don’t even deserve it.

I have my reasons for resigning from those five jobs and that’s the sad thing— the early years of my working life have been disappointing. Night shift, poor employee benefits, contractual employment, bad boss, relocation issues, stressful commute, toxic environment, and getting overlooked for a promotion— been there, done that.

It’s only now that I feel I’m at the right place, at the right time. This is why ‘Hills and Valleys’ by Tauren Wells has touched me deeply:

“And I’ve prayed prayers to heaven from my lowest place, and I have held the blessings…
God, you give and take away.”

You know, when you get used to resigning and detaching yourself from a place, you become brave. Multiple times, I had to resign unprepared—no new company, no savings, nothing but bills to pay—it was always clear to me though, that I have to let go and my time in that job is up. More importantly, I know God will see me through. Try losing your livelihood for 5 times if it wouldn’t make you trust a higher being.

My security and sustenance don’t come from my ability to keep a job, not even from my family’s support— it comes from God.

So my dear friends, I hope you’ll have the serenity to accept what happened. It’s okay to grieve, but please, grieve with hope. This pandemic has been hard to all of us in different ways and you’re not alone. Please trust that you can start over— who knows, maybe even have something better this time. God will repay everything the enemy has stolen and you’ll be restored (Joel 2:25).

Stay strong. We will get through this and be better for it.

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