28 Things I’ve Learned in 28 Years

Before I turn 29 on the 27th, thought I’d share with you some words of wisdom (lol) and few things I learned the hard way in my late 20’s. Just random musings — here you go:

1. If you’re just doing something with the goal to impress, don’t.

2. No matter how busy you get, make time for Netflix. Be cultured.

3. Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black, and Grey’s Anatomy. If you haven’t seen at least one of these, we can’t be friends.

4. Watch Emily in Paris too. It will raise your standards in men and more importantly, career.

5. You can be replaced with someone younger, thinner, taller, but less pretty than you. Let them settle for the more accessible.

6. Be fit and do it for yourself. It shows you have self-discipline.

7. You can be approached by 3 cute guys in 7 months (they go to the gym, text you in perfect grammar and all hihi). Life’s too short to get stuck in that last one that didn’t work.

8. Yes, you can move on from anyone. Don’t be stupid. It just hurt your ego a bit and you can do something about it. A lot of things fun and fab things, actually.

9. You can be addicted to upgrading and not know if that’s a good or bad thing.

10. Stay away from people who make you doubt yourself. You know yourself more than anyone else. You should.

11. There are two types of people. Those who believe in God and those who worship themselves… or the world.

12. It’s important to have a clear sense of self. Don’t take your friends’ identity for yours. Refuse to be impressionable.

13. Know your weaknesses, so no one can use them against you. Again, two of mine are cute guys and good grammar LOL.

14. It’s impossible to be kind to everyone at all times, but you can always choose to be respectful.

15. You don’t need to try too hard to get to know people because if they really care about you, they’ll make it easy.

16. You can forgive those who never said “sorry“, you just won’t forget what they did.

17. Don’t hate them though. We have only one enemy.

18. It’s true you’ll wake up one day and not feel anything for someone anymore. Is that good… or sad? Whatever, you no longer care.

19. Is he messaging you consistently? Feels good? Oh, don’t fall for it. Texting doesn’t actually require much effort. Don’t be convenient.

20. Okay fine, be stupid. Be a slave of love. You’ll learn from it eventually and laugh at it anyway. Just don’t lose yourself no matter what.

21. If you have true friends, you’re very blessed.

22. You can’t save people, you can only pray for them.

23. You can’t always be the most good-looking or smartest in the room, but you can be the most interesting. Introduce yourself.

24. Life is unfair, but God is.

25. Invest in yourself. Spend on things and experiences that will make you a better and happier person.

26. Having advanced stalking skills (especially when you do social media for a living) is both a blessing and a curse. Hahaha.

27. I always tell people I’d like to get married before 30, but now I’m turning 29 and the idea still scares me.

28. In your late 20’s and still care if people like you? That’s sad.

Ending it here. Stay tuned for my birthday video! (Yes, I’ll produce a birthday video shot in Boracay!!)

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