2021 Is The Year We Get Answers

I’d like to say I’m a strong woman. Fearless… and as I describe myself on my bios – feisty. But, at the start of 2021, I felt the same anxiety I had when COVID-19 came to Manila. I didn’t want the year to begin. I’m unable to convince myself it would be a ‘clean slate’ for us still stuck in our houses and forced to be passive beings.

2020 = 2021 is it?

The new year didn’t feel new at all. Just an extension of 2020, they say.

So, in my attempt to live up to being feisty, I maximized my Internet connection and became my most active self online. I booked a ticket to Boracay, applied for a part-time job that would pay me $25 for an article I’d write in less than an hour, and sent my CVs to brands I like. That’s what all of us need in this uncertain time – something to look forward to and would make us feel in charge.

Today, I write this blog on the 1st of Mar 2021 and I got all three: the part-time and full-time job, and the week-long beach vacation with my girl friends. I have been blessed. I even got the job offer while sipping cocktails in my hotel room.

I’m sharing this to give you hope. God is faithful. We may still be in the midst of a pandemic under an unsystematic government, but He is still king. He hears our prayers.

2020 is the year I asked

I remember what I asked God for my 29th birthday– promotion in my career… and love. He made me wait for 3 months before promoting me and you know why? He wanted me to write an entry that would give my previous employer an International industry award. Awesome, right? As for love, I thought He already gave it to me last year, but He took it back. It sucks, but I agree it wasn’t time.

Someone told me we are different. For 29 years, I was more than okay with being ‘different’ and even proud of it (I never wanted to be ordinary!). But, if you see that someone as your soulmate and he tells you it’s clear you two wouldn’t work because of a huge difference, that’s heartbreaking. Lock-yourself-in-your-room-the-whole-Saturday heartbreaking… listen-to-a-stab-yourself-sad-playlist-on-Spotify heartbreaking.

2021 I got answers

I, however, choose to focus on the good and what I can control. It’s March, 3rd month of the year and I just got hired and about to enjoy better compensation. I am grateful.

I know I’m being filled to be emptied again, so while things are looking up for me, I’ll take this moment to encourage you to be strong and feisty as you wait for answers.

Isaiah 41:10

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