Keratin Treatment at Status Hair Salon, Robinsons Metroeast

My hair has always been the driest of them all, so on February 21, I went to Status Hair Salon, Robinsons Metroeast for a Keratin treatment.

The salon was clean and it looks posh. No wonder the other customers look classy enough to afford more expensive ones. I like how spacious the area was, especially where I was seated.

The process

The stylist started by shampooing my hair gently. The seat was comfy and I like how that it isn’t exposed to the mallgoers.

Afterwards, he put the Keratin treatment to my hair and left it for sometime. He told me the next step is to iron it.

It was on a 50% off promo. I was charged only PHP 1,200 (the footspa, mani-pedi I had after did cost more).

The staff were also professional and their cross-selling was unannoying like most salons. My stylist offered me shampoo and conditioner, but he just left it in front of me and was not pushy. At least, he gave me time to read the label and decide if I’d buy it or not.

Thought thrice whether to buy this PHP 1,600 conditioner or not

I didn’t. I texted my friend for opinion and she told me to go for Aveeno sulfate-free conditioner instead. It was only around PHP 500 – versus PHP 1,600.

My stylist blow dried my hair before going straight to ironing it. He didn’t wash the treatment off anymore.

I liked the service and end result, but the true test of the Keratin treatment would be if my hair stays manageable after I wash it.

2 days after the Keratin treatment, haven’t washed it yet
After the first wash with Aveeno sulfate-free conditioner

My hair is super dry and frizzy, so after washing it, I would say it still looked good after. I can feel that Aveeno also isn’t washing off the Keratin.

Good job, Status Hair Salon! Definitely going back.


Review | Envy Me Salon @ Robinsons Galleria

My hair was so dry, I had to do something.

After inquiring at a number of salons around my work area, I ended up at Envy Me Salon, Robinsons Galleria. The lady told me they have a promo for the Brazilian treatment every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

They also told me they accept credit card (although I paid in cash), which is one good thing for women like me who like paying by schedule. Lols.

I went there after office. Here are some photos to show you how big and nice the salon is for one that offers affordable services:



After examining my hair, they recommended the Brazilian BlowStraight treatment (P1,499, but P2,499 every Thursday to Sunday).

They – 2 women had to work on my big hair – started off by washing my hair.

Then, they applied the chemical. It stings a bit when the hair touches the area around your eyes.

Took a shot of the pricelist for you, guys.

Did I forget showing the wash area?

They had to wait for some time for my hair to absorb the chemical before ironing it. Again, two ladies had to do it.

After that, they washed my hair again and spread the treatment all over it. The lady asked me, “Ma’am, are you comfortable? We need to wait for 5 minutes before washing off the treatment.”

The time passed and my hair was once again ready for rinsing. After that, they blowdried it.

The next photo will be the greatest before-and-after photo you’ll see this week:

I was satisfied and happy with the result that I gave the two Ate’s  a tip that made them smile!

Envy Me Salon’s Brazilian BlowStraight treatment is good for 2 months, they said. It will straight thick curly hair like mine, but it isn’t permanent like Rebond – perfect for those who don’t like to be among the mainstream rebonded heads, hehe.

What I also like about this treatment is that you can have your hair colored before the process. If only I arrived early, I’d have my hair blondied again.

I recommend this salon and give it 4.5 stars! The place is spacious and neat, and they have nice staff who aren’t noisy & do not cross-sell that hard. You’ll feel they want to deliver good results and not just to finish the job.

I left the salon at exactly 8 PM after coming in at 6:15 PM. The procedure was that quick.

Let’s see how long the ‘good hair days’ are gonna last!

Brazilian Wax | Lay Bare, SM Marikina

It’s 3:30 PM and Resident Evil is about to end in Cinema 2. I decided to take the Alaxan FR capsule that has been in my pocket for 3 hours now. I read online it’s best to take the pain killer 30 mins before going for a Brazilian wax.

It’s already my 10th session, I think, but it’s actually my first time to have it in Lay Bare.. and first time to try cold wax. I’m not worried about pain anymore, as my pain tolerance is quite high and Alaxan has got my back. I just wonder if it’s true that cold wax would sting more than hot wax.

I got catered to in about 10 mins although I was 11th on the list. Great. The girl asked me to sign the usual waiver, whether it was my first time, and if it was “mahaba na po ba?” already. Slow I, she had to wait for 10 mins before I get she was asking if my hair down there is lengthy already. Lols.

Unlike Lay Bare in Robinsons Galleria, SM Marikina has nice restroom inside. Razel (attendant) asked me to wash and I was happy to see the area was clean and complete with bidet, tissue, and Lactacyd.

Confidently fresh with a heart, I walked into the room and prepped myself for the main event.



I took these photos while Razel was getting the wax. I liked that they have TV inside, although I think, it would be nicer to see a rom-com movie than Lord Of The Rings in a waxing salon. Told ate about it and she smile saying, “Opo Ma’am, minsan love story ang palabas.”

Razel began playing with the cold wax like a bubble gum in her hand.

She positioned my legs accordingly. Unlike with hot wax that gets a lot of hair in one go, Brazilian with cold wax is like plucking the strands by groups of 5. I cannot say it’s more painful because Razel is such a pro – she kept on stretching my skin after each pull to my relief.

I guess, pain level is equal for hot and cold brazilian wax – while hot wax pulls a lot of hair in one go (pain level 25% x 1), cold wax has to be applied and pulled repeatedly to and from the same area (5% x 5). Thanks to Alaxan for never letting me down.

I had a short talk with Razel about my love life. Told her I’m single and she said, “Ah, kaya pala nagpa-Brazilian.” That girl. 😒

It was done in less than 20 mins. As I always tell my friends, facial is even more painful than going for a Brazilian. I walked out of the salon like nothing happened after paying 500 PHP and handing over a small tip to Razel for all the times she asked, “Masakit po, Ma’am?” and doing a great job (saw the output in a small mirror she handed to me).

I also got a Frequency card, which you’d get for every 300 PHP worth of service. I’ll get 100 PHP off on my 5th visit, then 200 PHP off on my 10th. Nice strategy – beneficial for both LB and the customers.

Overall, I’d give Lay Bare, SM Marikina, 4.7 stars. It could’ve been 5 if they also provide a disposable panty like Hey Sugar (I’d be willing to pay 550 PHP if they’d do that). But, Brazilian in the latter costs 830 PHP, so Lay Bare is still the winner for me!

I’d definitely come back next month. Thank you, Lay Bare, SM Marikina! Thanks, Razel!

Click here for Lay Bare’s list of services and prices.

Review | Eyelash Extension at Asia’s Lashes, Ortigas

This Monday morning, my colleague Ruby was so eager to make our eyelash extension plan happen before her birthday next month. She began convincing me by saying I’d look better in my Korea trip photos with long lashes. In the end, I gave in and asked her to start comparing salons, with led us to Asia’s Lashes in Cityland Megaplaza, Ortigas, Pasig City.

We went there after work. It was the highlight of our day. So excited to look like Betty Boop.

Interior of Asia’s Lashes, Cityland, Megaplaza, Ortigas

The staff attended to us quickly. I told them I’m taking photos to blog about the experience. After having a short discussion on the lash length Ruby and I want to have, they asked us to lie down inside across each other. We went for the 599 PHP unlimited synthetic lashes – medium.

I didn’t take photos of the mini-beds, as I’m so excited, but they were all pink and same with the ones in most derma clinics. Not as comfy, though. The process took more than an hour and despite the process permitting me to sleep with my eyes closed, I didn’t because of my bed. It was uneven. I kept moving my head to relieve myself.

The process was fast. They put some tape under my eye. I smelled the glue – which smelled like glue gun – and knew the friendly staff was getting to it. She stuck the synthetic hairs by pieces, slowly without causing me any pain. It only hurt a bit on my right eye for some seconds. Could be because some glue got into my eyes, but it was bearable and I didn’t feel the need to bother Ate.

She finished off by spreading the lashes, equally distributing them to cover the rest of my eyelid. Another staff came to us and commented, “Is it 10?” to which the staff working for me replied, “Yes, her true lashes are of the same length.” Hearing this made me feel relieved, thinking it doesn’t look too fake then.

I heard Ruby talking again, which means she’s done. The lady began touching my foot and in a matter on 10 minutes, Ate told me she’s finished with me also. She used a mini-fan to dry the glue, before asking me to sit down. That position enabled her to fix my lashes and make sure that I can open my eyes comfortably.

The other staff were there to make us laugh with witty “hugot” lines. I think one of them just broke up with her boyfriend. Before truly leaving the bed, I told Ate about my discomfort and she told me they’ll do something about it, smiling. She was so nice.

Ruby was so pretty! As you can see in the before & after photos above. This is me below.


The staff handed to me their #ASIALIZED prop, knowing I’ll feature them on my blog. I asked them to join Ruby and I in some photos since we liked their service!

We have to go back to have it removed after 30-40 days and some have fallen off already. Ruby and I agreed to have the ‘human hair’ option in March 2017, which costs 1,500 PHP. They sometimes offer it at 20% off.

Thanks to the friendly, funny, and professional staff of Asia’s Lashes, Ortigas!