Faith | Anytime God is going to take you to a new level! #LiveJakes

Source: Bishop TD Jakes 2017 Sermons

Anytime God is going to take you to a new level, there will be excuses that you have to first get rid of.

Before you get promoted, you have to get rid of that excuse, β€œI’m not qualified, I don’t have the talent. I can’t do it.”

Before you break the addiction, get rid of the excuse, β€œI’ve had it too long, I’m not that disciplined.”

Before you see vindication, get rid of the excuse, β€œThey hurt me too badly, I could never be happy.”

Before you meet the person of your dreams, get rid of the excuse, β€œIt’s been too long, I’m not that attractive, I don’t have a good personality.”

God wants to do a new thing in your life. He wants to bring you into a new level of your destiny. Are you letting excuses hold you back?


You Were Intense, El Nido (Video)

To describe El Nido, Palawan as beautiful is an understatement.

It was the ultimate getaway! I was expecting to love the sight, but I didn’t know it would be magical. Paradise, indeed! My next best trip after Seoul.

To add, I flew to Palawan with two of my bestfriends: Jorzell Virtucio and Reynalyn Elon. All we did is to ensure each of us is having a great time. We had each other’s best interest at heart!

I went back to Manila with an overwhelming gratitude. God really knows where to bring me to take my breath away.

We only paid Sulit Dream Destinations P8,888 per head, inclusive of the following:

1) Airfare (back and forth)

2) Van Transfer (Puerto Princesa International Airport to our inn in El Nido, vice versa)

3) Breakfast and lunch (seafood at the boat, on tour) for 3 days

4) Trike transfer from our inn to the sea side

This trip was worth every cent. We’ll definitely go back. 🌴

See for yourself!