Things I’d say before he gets married

I've learned to live this way because everybody expects me to have fully moved on, the same way you have. And, maybe I did.


New Year Post by yours truly!

As you can see, my breakup was life-changing and energy draining, so for 2017, I’ll be focusing on myself again. They say the best time to reform your life is right after a breakup because you’re full of angst and you become more mature. This coming year, I want to make better decisions, as I… Continue reading New Year Post by yours truly!

Birthday Piece | Last Words To My First Love

Hi. How have you been? I remember last year you greeted me at exactly 12 AM. Nothing grand, but you were asking how things were going minute by minute and it still makes me smile up to now - thinking how special I felt. It’s been a year. And today, we’re not even friends anymore.… Continue reading Birthday Piece | Last Words To My First Love