Movie Review | Sid & Aya

It was heavy from the start. Good script. I can relate to what both Sid and Aya do to survive life. The soundtrack also made me feel I'd cry anytime.


Movie Review | Coco

Synopsis Join young aspiring musician Miguel on an extraordinary journey to the Land of the Dead as he attempts to break his Grandma Coco’s long disdain of music, prove his true talent, and ultimately unlock the real story behind generations of family history. Running Time 2 hours and 10 minutes Genre Animation Cast Edward James… Continue reading Movie Review | Coco

Because I Watched It Again: ‘Camp Sawi’ Full Movie Found myself watching it again (first time was last full show, first day of showing in Megamall) and for some reason liked it more! Twice the crying and laughing... I ended up looking like a crazy person with tissues in my hand, but smiling. It's really different when you watch a movie alone. Maybe… Continue reading Because I Watched It Again: ‘Camp Sawi’ Full Movie

Yes, I Watched ‘How To Be Single’ Just Now

I saw the trailer last year, heard 'Worth It' by Fifth Harmony, and I knew immediately it is my type of movie! It's just that I just was too absorbed in being in a relationship in 2016. Lol Shame on me for seeing it just now!! I love Rebel Wilson. I love Anastasia Steele...… Continue reading Yes, I Watched ‘How To Be Single’ Just Now