You Were Intense, El Nido (Video)

To describe El Nido, Palawan as beautiful is an understatement.

It was the ultimate getaway! I was expecting to love the sight, but I didn’t know it would be magical. Paradise, indeed! My next best trip after Seoul.

To add, I flew to Palawan with two of my bestfriends: Jorzell Virtucio and Reynalyn Elon. All we did is to ensure each of us is having a great time. We had each other’s best interest at heart!

I went back to Manila with an overwhelming gratitude. God really knows where to bring me to take my breath away.

We only paid Sulit Dream Destinations P8,888 per head, inclusive of the following:

1) Airfare (back and forth)

2) Van Transfer (Puerto Princesa International Airport to our inn in El Nido, vice versa)

3) Breakfast and lunch (seafood at the boat, on tour) for 3 days

4) Trike transfer from our inn to the sea side

This trip was worth every cent. We’ll definitely go back. 🌴

See for yourself!



As promised, I’m going to share with you my 6D 5N trip to Seoul weeks ago. We spent Day 2 at Nami Island before visiting Petite France. If you missed my Day 1 of 6 post, click here.

I woke up around 9 AM to quickly have breakfast (bread + egg) in our hotel and to prep myself. Ate Emma asked me to search online how to get to Nami Island and Petite France, and if we can squeeze in another location after those two. As you can see, being busy women, we were unable to plan our strolling before we flew to Korea, hehe.

Korea4Expats.Com provides clear and complete instructions on how to get to Nami Island via train, bus, and taxi. However, we still got lost in the Dongdaemun subway since you have to walk a lot, go up and down a level or two.

The great Seoul railway system, hehe
We reached Gapyeong – last station – at around 12 PM, then took a taxi to bring us to the port. The water vessel (should I call it ship?) ride costs 10,000 KRW, but as foreigners, we paid only 8,000 KRW after presenting our passports.

Selfie before we get on board the small ship

Waiting for the ship

Inside the water vessel with lots of national flags on it

Nami Island, yeah!

Japanese tourists everywhere

Struggled to have a photo in between these trees!

Us three!

Ate Emma with the post-it’s by visitors (so many Filipinos have been here!)

I look like my eldest sister, right?

‘Kumusta ka’ (Filipino) means ‘How are you’

Into the woods and lovin’ it!

The bridge that’s so IG-worthy

We so cute!
After taking enough photos, we decided to take the ship back to the port. There were mini cafes where you can rest and just enjoy the view and the cool weather. The chicken sandwich I had (8,000 KRW) was enough to get me through lunch.

They also sell souvenirs, hand gloves, etc. We went inside a station for foreigners, where  we asked some officials on uniform how to get to Petite France. Then, we took a taxi that costs less than 8,000 KRW for around half an hour ride.

Like we were in France! Cute houses

You can get inside the little houses and find these

Great view! Christmas is here!

Feeling like a royalty beside this guy


So cold but I have to look nice beside this tower

‘Secret Garden’ was shot here, it says everywhere


Thanks for the great view, Petite France!
Back to Gapyeong Station via cab again. We went to Myeongdong for the street foods, which served as our dinner. Also, Round 1 of our make-up shopping, hehe!

Expenses (Day 2 of 6)

Load for my T-Money – 20,000 KRW
Taxi (Gapyeong to Port) – 2,700 KRW (8,000/3 pax)
Ship ride to Nami – 8,000 KRW
Ship ride back to Port – FREE
Chicken Sandwich – 8,000 KRW
Taxi to Petite France – 2,700 KRW (8,000/3 pax)
Taxi to Gapyeong – 2,700 KRW (8,000/3 pax)
Train to Myeongdong – used T-Money for this (less than 3,000 KRW even if you get lost)
Street food in Myeongdong + Make-Up Shopping – 10,000 KRW
Taxi (Myeongdong to Hoehyeon) – 1,500 KRW (4,500/3 pax)
= 55,600 KRW  or 2,357 PHP 

Blogs on Days 3-6 of 6 to follow! Happy holiday!

TRAVEL Korea | This is how cheaper make-up and other beauty goodies in Seoul are

One highlight of my trip to Korea is going to Myeongdong to shop for beauty essentials. I called them essentials to justify the need for me to hoard some, haha! But kidding aside, cosmetics, masks, toner and facial washes are, indeed, unbelievably cheaper in Seoul!

Since my birthday is fast approaching and I thought I may only visit Korea once, I might as well make the most of it and get myself a piece of the brands expensive here in Manila.

Innisfree, It’s Skin + Tony Moly

In the photo, you’ll see the items I bought on our first night of shopping. For the second time, we went inside Urban Kiss and I got two more items: an eyeliner and lip tint.

Urban Kiss Real LipTone Tint + Skinny Fixx Pen Liner
Let me present you with the breakdown of how much I saved on these items:


I couldn’t find any price of Urban Doll Kiss Skinny Fixx Pen Liner, but isn’t the 2,889.55 PHP enough to make you believe it’s really CHEAPER in Seoul? Especially the sleeping pack and toner.

Stay tuned for my beauty reviews of these products!