Movie Review | Coco

Synopsis Join young aspiring musician Miguel on an extraordinary journey to the Land of the Dead as he attempts to break his Grandma Coco’s long disdain of music, prove his true talent, and ultimately unlock the real story behind generations of family history. Running Time 2 hours and 10 minutes Genre Animation Cast Edward James… Continue reading Movie Review | Coco


Birthday Blues: 25 Things You Learn By 25

21) No matter how much you like them, never chase people. Don't sell yourself too much. If they don't seem to realize how awesome you are, let them let you go.

My First Article Published On Elite Daily (2 Weeks Ago)

Why Being The Youngest Child Is The Best Situation Once upon a time in one of the most uneventful days in the office, I decided to browse through some Elite Daily articles. I thought I might come across some life-changing piece to motivate me to work. Scrolling down to a post of my favorite Paul Hudson, I saw this 'Write… Continue reading My First Article Published On Elite Daily (2 Weeks Ago)