Birthday Blues: 25 Things You Learn By 25

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I’m turning 26 in three weeks.

Just like that. I’m no longer a high school teeny bopper, a kolehiya striving to be a Cum Laude, and too old to hop in to another job just because I’m bored.

Birthday blues, as they say. I always get through it every November.

But, before I get carried away and start to list down my 25 years worth of hanash, why don’t I just enumerate all my learning in the past years?

Let’s discuss 25 in taglish, randomly:


1) To feel like an adult is a choice. Pwede pala yung 25 ka na pero feeling mo, 18 years old ka pa rin.
2) Ang hirap mag-ipon. Especially if you’re an advocate of self-love.
3) Lahat ng gastos mo, feeling mo necessity kahit hindi naman.
4) Ang daming magandang lugar sa Pilipinas. So far, the best ang El Nido for me.
5) Hindi kailangang mahalin ang trabaho. Pero dapat galingan mag-trabaho. So, choose that job where you want to be magaling.


6) At this age, nobody would understand you better than your (true) friends. Same hanash-es kayo eh.
7) You don’t need to be super rich, as long as you can buy the things you need (and want) at hindi problema ang pera.
8) Be maalaga of yourself. Magpaganda ka, invest in your looks, health, and mind kasi it will give you the biggest ROI.
9) Not everything that bothers you deserve a reaction. Be a big person and master the art of ignoring the nega.
10) If you’re a 25-year old single woman, you don’t need a man to be happy. Wag padala sa mga asaran.


11) Mas kawawa yung in a relationship pero losyang. Hindi makapag-travel at shopping.
12) Saka hindi porket wala kang boyfriend pangit ka. In the same way, hindi lahat ng may boyfriend maganda. Utang na loob.
13) Ang dami kong hugot dito ‘di ba? Kaya dapat hindi puro syotaan ang nasa isip. Pweh.
14) Ang sarap mag-two piece sa beach. Nakaka-liberate, charot.
15) Worth it mag-invest sa quality beauty products and accessories. For your confidence. Confidence is the key to success.


16) Your first relationship may not work, and it’s okay. Hindi katapusan ng mundo. Ibangon mo sarili mo.
17) As time goes, you can’t tell if naka-move on ka na. But, the fact that you find yourself more excited for the future than reminiscing is a good sign.
18) It would feel like you need a lifetime to forgive and forget. Be at peace with that. Pero the truth is, hindi naman lifetime, OA yun.
19) Ang sarap maging single. Yes, there are downsides, pero magpakatotoo tayo, mas maraming benefits. He he.
20) Wag susuko sa work. Pambayad yun ng cards para swipe swipe na ulit next time.


21) No matter how much you like them, never chase people. Don’t sell yourself too much. If they don’t seem to realize how awesome you are, let them let you go.
22) Do everything you need to do to reach that level of security wherein other peoples’ opinion don’t affect you anymore.
23) Invest on treasury bonds and investment plans. Lakas maka-feeling responsible adult.
24) Love your family. Express your love for them, especially for your parents.
25) God is all you need to survive. To survive life and yourself (honoring God > all your hanash).

Thanks for reading! Again, I am The Millennial Pinay.



Too Cool for This Debut Post

Just another morning as an unemployed writer waiting for a break overseas.
Well. Let me try making this day special by creating a ‘serious’ blog account. Guess I’d have to let go of my Tumblr soon.

I’ll discuss about being cool, being ‘mainstream,’ and things in between.

I don’t believe liking ‘weird’ things makes you cool. Oh, did I just say weird? I can’t think of any term for those things about 96% human beings in the planet are unfamiliar and uninterested with. Fine, you can say it makes you a bit special, unique, it gives you a sense of individuality, but not necessarily cool.

It is for this reason I find most people funny. They wear a label to group and separate themselves from the rest of the world. Isn’t it ironic? They claim to be different from others, from those who like the mainstream, yet they strive to earn a label. I don’t see it as cool, as I believe it doesn’t flow naturally. Does wearing a label make you special and unique? I don’t think so. It only groups you with others sharing the same interest for ‘weird’ things, those believing being labeled as something is cool. Funny.

I believe being cool is about standing out in this crazy mixed up world (as what Michelle Branch calls it). It’s about living with your own convictions and holding strongly onto them, wherever you go and whoever you spend the day with. Being cool is about turning a lifeless conversation into a life-changing one (yes it can be!), about carrying enthusiasm along in your monotonous day, and about always having a positive disposition implying the peace that passes all understanding.

Being cool for me is basically being indescribable, like an adjective or two would be an understatement. It’s how you live your life regardless of what others will think or say. It’s about chasing after your dreams, motivated with good and (if possible) ‘almost’ selfless intentions. It’s about believing everything has a meaning and using it to your benefit. Isn’t it cool to see the world as a dance floor while others see it as a highway? It’s all about showing people how strong you are by being unmoved by mere worldly things.

Keep yourself from being ‘of this world’ and be cool in your own right, according to your personal standards.