Movie Review | Sid & Aya

It was heavy from the start. Good script. I can relate to what both Sid and Aya do to survive life. The soundtrack also made me feel I'd cry anytime.


New Year Post by yours truly!

As you can see, my breakup was life-changing and energy draining, so for 2017, I’ll be focusing on myself again. They say the best time to reform your life is right after a breakup because you’re full of angst and you become more mature. This coming year, I want to make better decisions, as I… Continue reading New Year Post by yours truly!

Today is NOT my day

I love you, Lord, happy birthday. To be honest, I feel bad right now for comparing Christmas eve last year and today. I shouldn't be selfish today and celebrate You. Sorry. And thank You for being born. Thank you for saving us. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. For being a constant and faithful God.… Continue reading Today is NOT my day