Because I Watched It Again: ‘Camp Sawi’ Full Movie

Found myself watching it again (first time was last full show, first day of showing in Megamall) and for some reason liked it more! Twice the crying and laughing… I ended up looking like a crazy person with tissues in my hand, but smiling.

It’s really different when you watch a movie alone. Maybe I didn’t appreciate it as much before, as my companion was a woman whose love life isn’t that dramatic, hehe. So, if you’re a girl who REALLY went through the motions of a breakup… with that person you wanted so much, this movie is for you!

Also, the cinematography was superb! Showcasing the beautiful Bantayan Island in Cebu. I’d definitely go there! Doesn’t matter if friends would join me or I’ll go alone.

I didn’t relate to a particular character, yet all their pain were familiar. I cried a lot! (Especially on that Bella Padilla-Dennis Trillo closure scene huhu!!) What I like the most were the scenes that were supposed to be dramatic, but would make you smile instead. I don’t know… maybe because the script was so real, so raw!
The actresses did a great job of portraying different types of women taking pain on their own terms. I love them all! Despite the diversity, though, the characters were like sisters who respected each other’s pain and hoped for each other’s restoration.

Such a great message, right? A recovery movie with a twist. Watch it!!! 

Review | Eyelash Extension at Asia’s Lashes, Ortigas

This Monday morning, my colleague Ruby was so eager to make our eyelash extension plan happen before her birthday next month. She began convincing me by saying I’d look better in my Korea trip photos with long lashes. In the end, I gave in and asked her to start comparing salons, with led us to Asia’s Lashes in Cityland Megaplaza, Ortigas, Pasig City.

We went there after work. It was the highlight of our day. So excited to look like Betty Boop.


Interior of Asia’s Lashes, Cityland, Megaplaza, Ortigas

The staff attended to us quickly. I told them I’m taking photos to blog about the experience. After having a short discussion on the lash length Ruby and I want to have, they asked us to lie down inside across each other. We went for the 599 PHP unlimited synthetic lashes – medium.

I didn’t take photos of the mini-beds, as I’m so excited, but they were all pink and same with the ones in most derma clinics. Not as comfy, though. The process took more than an hour and despite the process permitting me to sleep with my eyes closed, I didn’t because of my bed. It was uneven. I kept moving my head to relieve myself.

The process was fast. They put some tape under my eye. I smelled the glue – which smelled like glue gun – and knew the friendly staff was getting to it. She stuck the synthetic hairs by pieces, slowly without causing me any pain. It only hurt a bit on my right eye for some seconds. Could be because some glue got into my eyes, but it was bearable and I didn’t feel the need to bother Ate.

She finished off by spreading the lashes, equally distributing them to cover the rest of my eyelid. Another staff came to us and commented, “Is it 10?” to which the staff working for me replied, “Yes, her true lashes are of the same length.” Hearing this made me feel relieved, thinking it doesn’t look too fake then.

I heard Ruby talking again, which means she’s done. The lady began touching my foot and in a matter on 10 minutes, Ate told me she’s finished with me also. She used a mini-fan to dry the glue, before asking me to sit down. That position enabled her to fix my lashes and make sure that I can open my eyes comfortably.

The other staff were there to make us laugh with witty “hugot” lines. I think one of them just broke up with her boyfriend. Before truly leaving the bed, I told Ate about my discomfort and she told me they’ll do something about it, smiling. She was so nice.

Ruby was so pretty! As you can see in the before & after photos above. This is me below.


The staff handed to me their #ASIALIZED prop, knowing I’ll feature them on my blog. I asked them to join Ruby and I in some photos since we liked their service!

We have to go back to have it removed after 30-40 days and some have fallen off already. Ruby and I agreed to have the ‘human hair’ option in March 2017, which costs 1,500 PHP. They sometimes offer it at 20% off.

Thanks to the friendly, funny, and professional staff of Asia’s Lashes, Ortigas!