Movie Review | ‘Last Night’

"Halika na! Sabay tayo magpakamatay!"


Because I Watched It Again: ‘Camp Sawi’ Full Movie Found myself watching it again (first time was last full show, first day of showing in Megamall) and for some reason liked it more! Twice the crying and laughing... I ended up looking like a crazy person with tissues in my hand, but smiling. It's really different when you watch a movie alone. Maybe… Continue reading Because I Watched It Again: ‘Camp Sawi’ Full Movie

Movie Review | I’m Drunk, I Love You I'm Drunk, I Love You will put me to bed and lull me to sleep tonight, smiling. Saw the trailer during the MMFF season and I knew right then I would watch it. I was right, although Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador are mainstream, the story is not. Yet highly relatable. Seen it 3… Continue reading Movie Review | I’m Drunk, I Love You

Review | Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa I wanted to see this movie when I learned the lead female character is a writer. Even more when I figured, it was a problematic love story with an older guy. I was yearning for hugots, like when I was so eager to see 'Camp Sawi' last August. Expecting myself to cry all throughout… Continue reading Review | Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa