Because I Watched It Again: ‘Camp Sawi’ Full Movie

Found myself watching it again (first time was last full show, first day of showing in Megamall) and for some reason liked it more! Twice the crying and laughing… I ended up looking like a crazy person with tissues in my hand, but smiling.

It’s really different when you watch a movie alone. Maybe I didn’t appreciate it as much before, as my companion was a woman whose love life isn’t that dramatic, hehe. So, if you’re a girl who REALLY went through the motions of a breakup… with that person you wanted so much, this movie is for you!

Also, the cinematography was superb! Showcasing the beautiful Bantayan Island in Cebu. I’d definitely go there! Doesn’t matter if friends would join me or I’ll go alone.

I didn’t relate to a particular character, yet all their pain were familiar. I cried a lot! (Especially on that Bella Padilla-Dennis Trillo closure scene huhu!!) What I like the most were the scenes that were supposed to be dramatic, but would make you smile instead. I don’t know… maybe because the script was so real, so raw!
The actresses did a great job of portraying different types of women taking pain on their own terms. I love them all! Despite the diversity, though, the characters were like sisters who respected each other’s pain and hoped for each other’s restoration.

Such a great message, right? A recovery movie with a twist. Watch it!!! 

Movie Review | I’m Drunk, I Love You

I’m Drunk, I Love You will put me to bed and lull me to sleep tonight, smiling.

Saw the trailer during the MMFF season and I knew right then I would watch it. I was right, although Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador are mainstream, the story is not. Yet highly relatable.

Seen it 3 hours ago and I can’t remember the first scene, really. Maybe because what will stick with you is the development of the story, the characters, the ending. The open-ending that is effortlessly nakakakilig for me. Isn’t exactly a happy ending, but it was just right. You wouldn’t want it any other way.

How I hope Filipino romantic movie makers – specifically – would all learn how to do that kind of ending. Not the usual love wins, the predictable resolve, as such ruins the entire thing. Viewers should be given the room to finish off the story in their own heads, whichever way they like it.

Back to the movie, the Paulo-Maja tandem really works for me. They play the characters well and their acting skills make them believable as UP college students. No cheesy-ness, just pure chemistry.

You’ll love Maja’s character, Carson. You’ll smile with her, cry with her, laugh with her, and love with her. Carson was stupid, but you’ll understand why she never learned. At one point or another, we were all her.

And Paulo was the perfect Dio. (I lost my breath in the bagong ligo scene btw. Huehue) While Jason Ty is the lovable gay bestfriend we all once dreamed to have.

I wasn’t really wasak, but I understand why the rest of the guys who have seen it were. Maybe I would if I am a college student, but I’m not. Add also the fact I studied in Miriam and I didn’t go out of the campus often.

IDILY didn’t need much dialog and drama to be emotional. I’ll give it 4 stars and recommend to those, at the moment, struggling with unresolved feelings and the need to let go. It’s like the movie is talking to you, and listening to you also!

Cool. Funny. Tagos sa heart! Watch it!

Review | Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

I wanted to see this movie when I learned the lead female character is a writer. Even more when I figured, it was a problematic love story with an older guy. I was yearning for hugots, like when I was so eager to see ‘Camp Sawi’ last August.

Expecting myself to cry all throughout the movie, I prepared enough tissues for me and my friend. She helped me asked for them when we ordered pizza and milk tea. Lol.

I don’t want to be a movie spoiler, so I won’t get into details and discuss the scenes. But, they are so few, you can count them on your fingers (okay, including your feet). I realized I’m not a fan of slow transitions.

However, I liked that it comes from the perspective of a guy. I’ve always wanted to understand what they think of relationships and how do they deal if it didn’t work. Especially that Sam (lead male) in this story isn’t a playboy, but the type that falls hard and is upright, being a professor.

This makes the movie a direct opposite of ‘Camp Sawi’, which is all about emotional women. What gave me the feels in this film are the background songs. Just that.

I’d say, maybe you’ll like it if you’re a guy, a fan of art films, or a professor in love with his student. But, if you’re a 25-year old woman like me who’s going through the motions of a breakup and is looking for a movie that ‘understands,’ this isn’t it.

I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 because the ending isn’t mainstream and it made clear that some people are just not meant to be. 

(But why would fate reward you with a chance and make you two meant to be if you didn’t fight for it, right? Maybe you didn’t really love the person. Maybe you’re looking for something else.. or someone else. Maybe you’re just lazy, so you use “It didn’t work” as an excuse. Boom.)

There you go. Bye.