John Maxwell on ‘Think On These Things’

You have seen too much to be satisfied with less! You have experienced too many exciting adventures to settle for second best.


I Won.

Dear, Enemy.

This is me, looking at you eye-to-eye, saying I know you’re the one behind all my suffering.

Earlier today is the last time I’m going to let you in. Now, I won’t let you steal my joy, my peace, and I’m going to defeat you with forgiveness – with that thing you wanted me to think was impossible to give away at this time.

I am Carla Mae and I am one of the strongest woman you have met. I am special. My heart is special.

My heart is a gift from God and I treasure it. I love it. I love that it’s so big, it can beat, believe, love, break to bits, sore, forgive, and heal again.

I won’t let you touch it one more time and have power over me.

Sorry, but today, you just lost. I am giving myself closure, as I end this struggle victoriously.

Carla Mae